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Glimicron Tablets (Gliclazide 80mg)Jax-50 Tablets(Clomiphene Citrate 50mg)

Hemobest Tablets(Iron (III) Polymaltose 100mg   Folic Acid 0.35m

Hemobest Tablets(Iron (III) Polymaltose 100mg + Folic Acid 0.35m

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Each Hemobest chewable tablet contains:
Iron (III) hydroxide Polymaltose Complex, equivalent to Elemental Iron ... 100mg
Folic Acid USP ... 0.35mg


The iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose complex (IPC) is a water-soluble iron oxide, macromolecular complex of polynuclear iron (llI) hydroxide and partially hydrolysed dextrin (polymaltose). The polynuclear iron (III) hydroxide cores are superficially surrounded by a number of non-covalently bound polymaltose molecules resulting in an overall complex molecular mass of approximately 52,300 Daltons. This molecule is so large that diffusion through the membrane of the mucosa is about 40 times smaller than the one for the hexaquo-iron (II) unity. The complex is stable and does not release ionic iron under physiological conditions. The iron in the polynuclear "cores" is bound in a similar structure as in the case of physiologically occurring ferritin.

Due to these chemical and pharmacological properties IPC is suitable for oral iron substitution.

Clinical particulars

Therapeutics indications:

Hemobest Tablets
Tablets are for the treatment of latent and manifest iron deficiency and prevention of iron and folic acid deficiency before, during and after pregnancy (during lactation).

Posology and methods of administration:

Dosage and duration of therapy are dependent upon the extent of iron deficiency. The daily dose can be divided into separate doses or can be taken at one time. Hemobest chewable tablets can be chewed or swallowed whole and should be taken during or immediately after meal.

reticuloendothelium system from which it is mobilised and utilized only after correcting the primary disease.


Until now interactions have not been observed. Since the iron is complex-bound, ionic interactions with foodstuff, components (phytin, oxalates, tannin etc.) and concomitant administration of medicament (Tetracycline, antacids) are unlikely to occur, Hemobest doses not cause teeth staining.

The haemoccult-test (selective for haemoglobin) for the detection of occult blood is not impaired and therefore iron therapy must not be interrupted.

Pregnancy and Lactation:

Reproduction studies in animals did not show any foetal risk. Controlled studies in pregnant women after the first trimester have not shown any undesirable effects on mother and neonates. There is no evidence of a risk during the first trimester and the possibility of a negative influence to the foetus is unlikely to occur.

Mother's milk contains iron bound to lactoferrin. It is not known how much iron from the complex is passed into mother's milk. The administration of Hemobest is unlikely to cause undesirable effects to the nursed child. During pregnancy and lactation Hemobest should be used on prescription.

Undesirable effects:

Occasionally gastrointestinal irritations such as sensation of repletion, pressure in the epigastric region, nausea, constipation ow1iarrhoea can occur. A dark coloration of the stool is of no clinical significance.


In cases of overdose neither intoxication nor iron overload have been reported up to date.


Not known up to date.

Special precautions for storage:
Store in a cool place. Protect from heat, sunlight and moisture.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Use only on medical advice.


Hemobest Tablets: Blister pack of I x l0's Tablets.